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changing the date format to english uk
Author Mikie Posting date 11/24/2009 2:20:27 AM
Follow the installation instructions in the install directory.
Once configured working properly you will notice adding events enables only the American date format.

Change the following keys in the web.config
<add key="calendarDateFormat" value="dd-MM-yyyy HH\:mm\:ss" />

<add key="DefaultDateFormat" value="dd/mm/yyyy" />

<locale language="en" country="" defaultCountry="US" name="en-GB" booleanFormat="Yes;No;" zeroFormat="" nullFormat="" weekdayNarrowNames="S;M;T;W;T;F;S" encoding="utf-8" />

in the DatePicker.js make the following change
case "shortDate": return "d/m/yyyy"; 

Re: changing the date format to english uk 
Author Peter  Posting date 1/3/2010 1:57:14 AM 
Please help. I've searched everywhere. I can not find a reference to 'web.config'

Where is this information? In a PHP file? In a HTML file? Which one please.

Thank you. 

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