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Author Serkan Posting date 2/17/2012 9:44:46 PM
The Daley Gator on Who etcaxly was FDR?Col. Bunny on Who etcaxly was FDR?Brock Townsend on Spread far and wide .GrumpyUnk on Spread far and wide .Virgil Caine on Spread far and wide .GrumpyUnk on  

Author Elena  Posting date 3/15/2012 9:04:25 PM 
As I mentioned in an e-mail to you when the pjocert was getting under way, I lived in the Suite in 1955-56 with Will Brady '57 and Bob Haney '56 (now deceased). I believe I told you of coming home one evening and finding Senator Joe McCarthy sitting in my chair. I wonder whether any thought has been given to collecting anecdotes and stories of the Suite such as that as part of the collection you are developing.Also, it seems to me that there were built-in oak bookcases in the Suite, although I may have that memory crossed with that of my suites in Randolph House.I found the sheet music and songs at the end of the blog an interesting trip down memory lane, as I knew and sang several of the songs in my younger days. Gordon MacRae had a radio show called The Railroad hour every Monday night at 9:00 PM for several years while I was in high school. Each week he put on an abbreviated version of either an operetta or a Broadway show, usually with a guest female opera star. Several of Victor Herbert's operetta's, including Babes in Toyland, were featured. The striking thing about my memory of the song, Toyland. is that it also served as the ad song for Luster Cream Shampoo (as in Dream girl, dream girl, beautiful Luster Cream girl. You owe your sparkling glory to your Luster Cream Shampoo.) Somehow, Rose Marie is a brighter memory of that series.I look forward to reading (and hearing) future editions of the blog. 
Author Monu  Posting date 4/26/2012 12:24:32 PM 
The game is seriously not conimg out for over a year on my best estimate. The trailer they showed makes me feel they are making great progress. Sound is strong characters look fantastic and the military research they have done looks to be paying off. Do you remember when they were making HL2 they showed levels with no textures just orange? I believe some of the textures/levels are place fillers just so they can get things running. I have to say visually the game will pick it up for release. Wheres the Halo 3 footage? After showing a pretty post-polished trailer I bet they are even futher back in the development process then the MGS4 team is. At least MGS has SOMETHING to show fans. Bungie is being way to :-X for me to even attempt to get excited about anything. Wow Master Chief is going to have a gun that resmbles something they have already created! who are you jja .. b/r/b  
Author Annie  Posting date 4/26/2012 4:25:37 PM 
The inability of using a color polrife is true if you are printing a PDF via Adobe Reader.If you are printing a PDF using Acrobat Professional (part of most of the Adobe Creative Suite packages) you can access ICC polrifes by clicking on the Advanced button in the Print dialog. This will allow you to access a Color Management tab where you can set the ICC polrife of your choice. 

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