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Author Tessica Posting date 2/15/2012 6:18:55 PM
Infomratoin is power and now I'm a !@#$ing dictator. 

Re: xNyRwLTwZ 
Author Duygu  Posting date 4/26/2012 7:47:53 AM 
Dear Doris,I am happy to read that you have experienced feelnig awesome just because of clothing. Ilm no fashionista myself i spend no more than 10 mins on looks, and that's the absolute max. Still, I try to always feel good in what I wear.At this very moment, I'm waiting for a friend at Leidseplein. I'm wearing a black jeans, a simple shirt, eye-catching necklace and black stiletto. I feel happy, elegant, confident and this outfit shows what I feel inside. Furthermore, it also works the other way around: when feelnig blue, I wear something extra nice to make me feel better. Whether we decide to go clubbing after dinner, or when I accidentally bump into a business relation tonight; I know I look good and that's all thanks to my necklace and stiletto's.Hope your dress has the same effect on you!XoKira, hostess with a flower. 

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