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Frequently Asked Questions 

General questions

What makes UltraApps applications different?

We provide full-featured Open Source applications. Unlike other solutions, our come in multiple variants supporting most popular server-side programming languages: PHP, ASP and .NET; with potential for adding more technologies in the future. Source code of our applications is object-oriented and follows best design practices. 90% of the source code is generated, so reliability is much higher than in hand-coded solutions.

Are your applications available in different languages?

Yes. Our applications support multiple languages. Currently English and Polish or Russian versions are available, but it is easy to translate it into another language. With our users assistance we will be including more languages in future.

Do you provide Technical Support for your applications?

Yes. We provide FREE web-based technical support for our applications. Contact us with your installation problems, bugs discovered, product inquiries and general comments. Use Support link in the application menu to display issue submit form. You will receive email confirmation after submitting and another notification when your request is responded.

How to install your applications?

Most variants of our applications include step-by-step installers and requirements checkers. Otherwise refer to INSTALLATION.txt file included in your application package for detailed installation instructions, requirements and supplemental information.

How to identify which application version I use?

Your application folder should contain VERSION.txt file which contains information about your application version number, variant and release date.

I want to customize pages, forms and database quickly. How to do it?

If you're web developer you should be able to implement changes in our applications following general pattern found in the source code.
However if you're a business user or don't want to spend hours digging into source code consider purchasing CodeCharge Studio source project for your application. Provided you own CodeCharge Studio (or use evaluation version) you will be able to make thorough modifications to application forms, create new pages, reports and listings with few clicks and no- or limited coding. 

How can I get CodeCharge Studio project file for my application?

CodeCharge Studio projects for our applications is our most valuable Intelectual Properly. You may buy it from our Purchase page.

Technical questions

I cannot get email notifications sent...

To work with CDONTS or CDOSYS mailing methods you need to have IIS SMTP service installed and properly configured to deliver emails. Refer to Microsoft Support for assistance configuring it.

PHP mailing relies on built-in mail() function which depending on operating system uses sendmail process or external SMTP server. Refer to PHP.INI file for configuration variables.

There are mailing methods available in .NET. Via System.Web.Mail or System.Net.Mail. The first relies on CDONTS/CDOSYS and requires IIS SMTP service. The latter may use external SMTP service. For trouble shooting both methods refer to and repectively.

How to increase upload size limit?

By default our application use 1000000 bytes size limit for uploaded files. Larger files are rejected. To increase upload limit imposed by our applications edit implementation files looking for 1000000 number and replacing it with a larger limit. The files to edit are:

Application/Variant ASP PHP .NET
Issue Manager IssueNew.asp, IssueChange.asp, FileMaint.asp IssueNew.php, IssueChange.php, FileMaint.php IssueNew.aspx.cs, IssueChange.aspx.cs, FileMaint.aspx.cs
Issue Manager
PopUp_Window.asp, FileMaint.asp PopUp_Window.php, FileMaint.php PopUp_Window.aspx.cs, FileMaint.aspx.cs

I still get errors after increasing upload size limit...

Except application limits imposed by our applications there are other limits that may affect uploading very large files. Most web servers have configuration settings limiting browser request size and timeouts. You need to increase these limits for our application to even receive the file being uploaded. For example refer to the following article describing IIS limits.

I see strange {...} placeholders in browser and no real application data...

Most probably you've accessed .html file for some page or your web server is configured to display Default.html file before Default.asp/.aspx when accessing application folder. The initial page for our application should be:

  • Default.asp in ASP
  • Default.aspx in ASP.NET
  • Default.php or index.php in PHP

[ASP] I get "Operation must use an updateable query. (Microsoft JET Database Engine)" when trying to update/insert database records...

You need to grant NTFS write permissions on your database file (.mdb) to a special user account your web scripts run on. The account is usually called Internet Guest Account (IUSR_<machinename>). To grant permissions right-click database file, choose Properties and Security tab (you need to disable Windows XP simplified security if you don't see it). Select or lookup IUSR account and choose read and write permissions (or modify permission to select both).

[ASP] Page loads infinitely in my browser...

Most probably you have Norton Antivirus or similar software running on your server. They have Script Blocking feature which prevents some ASP scripts from running. You need to disable this feature to make our applications working.

[PHP] I cannot log in...

Most probably you have either cookies disabled in your browser or session variables support is misconfigured in your PHP installation. Edit C:\WINDOWS\PHP.INI file and verify session.save_path variable contains valid and writable path in your system.

[PHP] Application complains about mb extension missing...

To use internationalization features of our application PHP needs to have mb extension available. This extension includes different encodings conversion routines and is required to handle national characters properly in our forms and pages. On Windows platform it is usually enough to enable extension in C:\WINDOWS\PHP.INI file by uncommenting the following line:


You also need to have extension_dir variable properly configured.

On Linux platform you usually need to recompile PHP with mb extension enabled. Refer to PHP MB extension manual page.

If you cannot install MB extension and want to run our application despite lack of internationalization support contact our Support system to receive mb-less patch.

[.NET] I get "Server Error in '/' Application" when trying to run your application...

This error usually means you have installed your application into some web subfolder, but haven't created IIS Virtual Directory container for your application. Follow descriptions found at Microsoft's site.

On Windows XP you can also right-click your application folder and choose Properties option. Choose Web Sharing tab and select Share this folder.

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